Monday, August 24, 2009


Tonight I made Vegetable beef soup. First I threw a roast in the crock pot. After it had cooked a while I started the soup part. I would have used the broth from the roast but G wanted beef and noodles.. He's not a veggie person. This is what I put in it today.

Beef, Beef stock, a couple of beef cubes.
Carrots, potatoes and onion.
A can of corn, peas and green beans. (with juice)
Can of diced tomatoes (with juice) and tomato juice.
Then I cooked lentils and barley by the directions and then threw them in.
I also added flower shaped pastas and of course some fiber powder..
Salt, Pepper, garlic powder, parsley, Mrs. Dash and just a tab bit of sugar..I think that's it. I had a bunch left over so I'm gonna freeze it for a cool fall night.
So tell me, what do you put in your vegetable beef soup?

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Karine said...

Your soup sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe! :)