Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shrimp Scampi

Okay gals - Today we are making scrimp scampi.. first I soak the frozen shrimp in cold water to thaw. The I throw in a big spoonful of butter in a hot skillet.
Add some Mrs. Dash, garlic powder and cook. I sent D and friend into the store the other day to get a few things. While in there I text him to get some Mrs. Dash. They brought out this little tiny bottle. I really need the industrial size but this will do til I can make it to the store. I actually will throw this bottle in our camping stuff so I have it.
Warm and add in shrimp.
And presto..shrimp scampi.
I made thin pasta and garlic bread. I poured a little bit of the butter sauce on the noodles..
Everyone thought it was out of this world.. yeah me... Thanks for visiting.

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