Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Granola Baby

Tonight I was just in the mood for a easy snack so I made Granola.. and ya know what I didn't take a single picture which in not like me but maybe next time.

I put foil on a cookie sheet. I brushed it with Oil. Then I started my mixture.

I started with cereal.. I grabbed G's
Fiber One Honey something,
some Natural stuff in a purple box.. and
I then added
Raisins and Craisins
Shredded Coconut
Sesame Seeds
Poppy Seeds and
a few Butterscotch chips
Then drizzled with Honey
a couple of spoonfuls of Apple Butter
and some Peanut Butter.
I also sprinkled with Raw Sugar and Sea Salt
I baked for a few mintes to let everything melt toghther and then cooled.
It turned out really really good. It's not a dry granola it is a little sticky but is so yummy it doen't matter. Great for Yogurt.
Next time I may try some Oats, Maple Syrup, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, flax seed and other things.. May even try to dry it up a bit and make it into a bar...I'll let ya know.
G was afraid I was taking it all to work cause he even liked it. ..

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Breakfast Bagels and more

Well this morning it's cold. I was supposed to get to -2 degrees...yikes.. Welcome to Ohio. I know it get's colder in other parts of the land but Ohio.?. I don't like it. I am a 76-80 degree girl myself and -2 is no where close. So as I lay in bed at 6 am thinking about the day.. Dance competition and a motocross race on different ends of the tri state and what am I really thinking about.. What in the world I am going to feed 5 kids ? and fast.. Actually due to the cold D decided not to race and then we founnd out the I-75 is shut down due to snow..or so we hear so we scratch the race and so now we just concentrate on dance.
So moving on to the breakfast thingy.. I go to the kitchen and look around. We could have the normal eggs, sausage and eggs but I'm thinkin something warm, sticky and yummy.. First I was thinking Bread Pudding which I made before and showed over here at my old blog... As the World Flops But then I get a wave of inspiration and came up with something different. I made a bread pudding {kind of} with Raisin Bagels and the a French Toast casserole out of Sweet Hawaiian Rolls. They both are good.. I still am craving Chocolate Chips.. I should have stuck to my plan.

Raisin Bagel
First I tore up Raisin Bagels
Mixed Eggs, Milk, some extra raisins and Vanilla together
Then I mixed all above together in casserole pan and sprinkled with Sugar


Now for the French Toast
I tore up King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and placed them in a casserole. I then drizzled Maple Syrup on the rolls.
I mixed Eggs, Milk, Vanilla together and poured over the rolls. I then used my shaker of cinnamon sugar over the top.

I baked both on 450 for about 15 minutes for the egg to cook.
There ya have it.. easy breakfast and fast..
The kids are raving about it as we speak...
Now Offffff to dance...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chicken Bacon Spinach Roll

Chicken Bacon Spinach RollI bought this pack of chicken breasts and wanted to make this chicken soup recipe but then realized I didn't have any Cream of Chicken soup..which is odd cause I always have a can or 5 in the pantry. So I came up with THIS CONCOCTION and it really turned out good. Warm, hearty and semi simple. Don't let scare could have been easier but let me explain. First let me list the items needed.
(fresh, frozen, canned, chicken strips, breaded chicken strips)
I used a pack of fresh.
(you could use pizza crust)
(I used precooked bacon but you could you the other messy kind)
(I used fresh Organic from the Salad department, you could use frozen)
Cream Cheese
everything else I show below is optional
Okay let's get started.First boil, brown or fry your chicken.
But before this, preheat your oven to directions on Crescent Roll package.
If using frozen strips or tenders I would warm them a bit.
Soften your cream cheese.
Cook or microwave your bacon.
Rinse and cut your spinach or if using frozen thaw and squeeze.
Mix all the above items in a bowl. This is the extra stuff you can add if you desire. I brown my chicken with Marjoram..that's my spice of choice next to chives and cilantro.
I add a spoonful of
Protein powder,
Fiber, Minced Dry Onions
and Dry Mustard.
You can add any or all of this.
With the onions I just used Dry onions but you could use real onion, green onions, chives's your choice.
I add protein and fiber to what I can..
it's not going to hurt to have a little extra in your diet.
D likes to drink protein shakes but informed my that he doesn't care for the taste of this soy, whey kind.. I said "no problem" I would just use it in recipes and he said.."You do that?" I told him I put where I can.. meatloaf, macaroni/cheese, cheese ball.. etc. He was shocked. They know I hide stuff in smoothies but they have no idea when I put it in over stuff.
After mixing all your secret things spread Crescent Rolls flat in casserole pan. Spread your mixture and pull up the sides of Crescent rolls to cover.
Bake until Crescent Rolls are brown and flaky.
After I add my mixture I had some left over. I grabbed a bag of tortilla chips and tried it out as a dip.. Yummo. Then I started thinking..
I could have added dry Hidden Valley Ranch mix or a squirt of Ranch salad dressing. I could have tried Bleu Cheese dressing but then I would be the only one eating it. This would be great as a dip for parties or gatherings..Then I thought maybe I would put the dressing on the side and dip it.. but I found that it turned out okay on it's own

Now my cooking {not Baking} but cooking.. if it's too dry add wet, if it's too wet add dry. My was a little dry so I added a spoonful of sour cream instead of using another bar of Cream cheese.

I think it turned out great for throwing it together. Sometimes I have no idea what to slam together and other times {usually when I'm in bed} I come up with these concoctions

So there ya go.... Chicken Bacon Spinach Roll. Now you try it with your own twist of mixes and let me know what you come up with.
Oh, by the way. Baxter and Emma danced around the kitchen while I cooked say "whatcha cooking mom..huh? huh? whatcha cookin'"
Macy layed on the couch and wanted no part of this mess. She's gonna be a good little dog.
Baxter tried out my concoction and approved.. Now let's see what the kids say.