Friday, October 30, 2009

Hoagie Boagies

are what we're making tOnIGhT....
Here are a few of the items needed.
The main ingredients are {JTM} Steak Hoagie Patties and {Aunt Millie's} Hoagie buns. Everything else is made to order.. just the way my family likes it. First brown the hoagie patties in the oven.
I really should not show my partially seasoned Pampered Chef stone baking pan.. but I love it.. I have two and that's all I use. They look really bad but I wouldn't use anything else. Okay now that I got my public service annoucement out of the way and feel better explaining why my pans looks nasty I will move on.. Then place the buns and hoagie patties on parchment paper on foil.. If you don't add the parchment paper then you have a cheesy foil mess. I know... it happened to me the first time I made them.
after this add your favorite ingredients..
Pizza sauce or mushroom gravy
Cheese (I used bag shredded but you can use whatever is in the ole' frig)
Bacon and whatever else you can dream up.then with a toothpick label your creations. This one was pizza and pickle and they all had cheese so I didn't add that.. Okay, here is the hard part.. Ya know I don't time anything so again I don't know how long to cook.. Just think..everything we put in there is already cooked so all we are doing is warming, melting the cheese together.. I would say maybe 10 minutes and waaaalaaaa.. You have great steak hoagies made to order and kid approved.
Oh and I have to say if I haven't said it before..





It is a regular staple in my pantry.. I use this for everything. I don't think I will ever cook real bacon again.. Okay, that's not true but this is so easy I will continue to use this for most of my cooking.

PSssss..SSSS.... I like mine with mushroom gravy, onion and cheese or pizza, pickle, cheese and onion.. How do you like your hoagies..? I will get it ready.