Saturday, January 30, 2010

Breakfast Bagels and more

Well this morning it's cold. I was supposed to get to -2 degrees...yikes.. Welcome to Ohio. I know it get's colder in other parts of the land but Ohio.?. I don't like it. I am a 76-80 degree girl myself and -2 is no where close. So as I lay in bed at 6 am thinking about the day.. Dance competition and a motocross race on different ends of the tri state and what am I really thinking about.. What in the world I am going to feed 5 kids ? and fast.. Actually due to the cold D decided not to race and then we founnd out the I-75 is shut down due to snow..or so we hear so we scratch the race and so now we just concentrate on dance.
So moving on to the breakfast thingy.. I go to the kitchen and look around. We could have the normal eggs, sausage and eggs but I'm thinkin something warm, sticky and yummy.. First I was thinking Bread Pudding which I made before and showed over here at my old blog... As the World Flops But then I get a wave of inspiration and came up with something different. I made a bread pudding {kind of} with Raisin Bagels and the a French Toast casserole out of Sweet Hawaiian Rolls. They both are good.. I still am craving Chocolate Chips.. I should have stuck to my plan.

Raisin Bagel
First I tore up Raisin Bagels
Mixed Eggs, Milk, some extra raisins and Vanilla together
Then I mixed all above together in casserole pan and sprinkled with Sugar


Now for the French Toast
I tore up King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and placed them in a casserole. I then drizzled Maple Syrup on the rolls.
I mixed Eggs, Milk, Vanilla together and poured over the rolls. I then used my shaker of cinnamon sugar over the top.

I baked both on 450 for about 15 minutes for the egg to cook.
There ya have it.. easy breakfast and fast..
The kids are raving about it as we speak...
Now Offffff to dance...

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